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Month: October 2017

Customize OpenStack images for booting from ISCSI

When working with OpenStack Ironic and Tripleo, and using the boot from ISCSI feature, you may need to add some kernel parameters into the deployment image for that to work.When using some specific hardware, you may need that the deployment image contains some specific kernel parameters on boot. For example, when trying to boot from ISCSI with IBFT nics, you need to add following kernel parameters: rd.iscsi.ibft=1 rd.iscsi.firmware=1   The TripleO image that is generated by default doesn’t contain those parameters, because they are very specific depending on the hardware you need. It is not also possible right now to send…

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TripleO Container – Template Configs (Pike)

In this post, I would like to provide the details of the different types of template config sections present in a typical docker service template file. There are few configurations which are present in the puppet/service templates like service_name, which still have the same interpretation in the container services in docker/services templates too. Apart from that, there are few container specific configurations, which are being explained in below sections: puppet_config Specifies the puppet class step-config and the puppet resources puppet- tags to be applied while enabling a service. By default, all the file operation related puppet resources like file, concat,…

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