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Month: June 2018

OVS-DPDK: Vhostuser socket Mode

In the newton release, the default vhostuser mode in OvS is dpdkvhostuser. And from ocata onwards, the default mode in the neutron has been changed to dpdkvhostuserclient mode. This post provides the information on vhostuser migration and verifying the vhostuser modes of the VMs created with dpdkvhostuser mode. In order to understand the difference between the two modes and the advantage of moving to dpdkvhostuserclient mode, read the OvS documentation on vhostuser modes.

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Newton: Minor Update (OVS-DPDK) – OvS2.9

Newton (OSP10) has seen a variety of OpenvSwitch version supported. Initial release was with OvS2.5 and later it has been updated to OvS2.6, which is present for a long time of the support cycle. Recently, in the time-line with with queens (OSP13) release, OvS2.9 version is planned to be supported. In order to facilitate FFU (Fast Forward Upgrades) from newton to queens, bringing the support of OvS2.9 to newton (OSP10) will help in reduce the cluster downtime for the upgrade.

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